Here at Blueprint Construction we recognise the kitchen is the heart of your home. We know how important your kitchen is to your home, and we have a wealth of experience of installing and renovating all types of kitchens.

There’s more to a great kitchen design than just saving space. Good design is crucial in order to combine all that you need from your kitchen. To help you to balance your kitchen’s requirements, we can:

  • Design your new or renovated kitchen to make the best possible use of the space.
  • Advise you on materials and products to optimise your kitchen space. For example, storage options, seating options, or wall mounted fixtures.
  • Recommend lighting techniques that cater for all your kitchen’s functions. For example, we can provide different lighting options for cooking, dining, entertaining, and working.
  • Advise  you on safety features for the young and elderly such as non-slip flooring and safe storage of appliances and chemicals.