House extensions are a great way to increase the living area of your home. If you feel as though you lack space in your home but can’t afford to move, an extension is the ideal solution to increase the size of your property and transform your living area into what you need.

We work with clients to extend their living areas creating beautiful extensions for any sized home, whether it is a loft conversion, garage conversion or a standard extension.

Here at Blueprint Construction we offer the option to build our clients any type of house extension. We can take care of the design process and the actual building task at hand and therefore can Project Manage your project from conception through to completion. Or we can take existing plans you have from an architect and turn those plans into a reality. The cost of your extension will be more than compensated by the increase in value to your property, so it makes sound financial sense to invest in an extension. We can advise you on the most suitable extension for your property.

We carry out:

  • Front extensions such as porches, garages, bay windows.
  • Side extensions such as an extension of the living space, garages, garden sheds.
  • Rear extensions such as garages, conservatories, extension of living space, garden sheds.
  • Double storey extensions in which we extend the second storey of your home over an existing garage.